Regional meeting on environment and nature related crimes

During 29-30 of August 2023, SELEC hosted at its headquarters, in Bucharest/Romania, TOX regional meeting regarding the current situation of Environment and nature related crimes in the SELEC Member States.

Other European countries like Austria, Croatia, France and Slovenia, partners of SELEC, responded to the invitation of the organizers and contributed to the comprehensive understanding of how this kind of criminality manifests today as well as future threats, posed by the industrial and technological developments, to the environment.

Under the Chairmanship of SELEC and the Hungarian Rapid Response and Special Police Service, professionals from national authorities such as Police, Customs and Environmental agencies shared knowledge and best practices about best ways to detect criminal behavior and deter illegal activities that generate and dispose toxic and dangerous waste across Europe.

Improved networking and new ideas regarding cross platform exchange of intelligence on this topic among responsible authorities were also positive and encouraging results of this meeting.

The meeting was organized with the financial support of Europol and SELEC in the framework of SELEC’s Environment and Nature Related Crimes Task Force that is coordinated by Hungary.