Drug Trafficking Group Dismantled with SELEC Support

The Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Police authorities from Republic of Croatia, having the valuable support of SELEC, carried out during December 2013 – August 2014 a joint investigation code named “TREF”, targeting organized crime group (OCG) involved in drug trafficking. The OCG consisting of Bosnian and Croatian nationals was involved in trafficking of different kinds of narcotics, mostly marijuana from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Republic of Croatia and cocaine on the return route; the members of the OCG were suspected of being connected also with other different crimes: trafficking in human beings, counterfeiting money, murder etc.

During operation “TREF” special investigative measures were applied, such as surveillance and technical recording of telecommunications as well as covert pursuance and technical recording of persons, means of transport and objects that were associated with the operation. The investigators provided evidences related to several crimes committed in the period from December 2013 to July 2014. Following investigations, Police seized over 6 kg of “skunk” in two seizures made in May and July 2014.

On 7th of August 2014, 13 locations used by the suspected persons were searched in the Canton of Sarajevo and Central Bosnia Canton, resulting in the arrest of 11 people. During the search, Police seized 3 guns with 21 pieces of ammunition, 300 grams of speed, about 8 grams of marijuana seeds, 42 pills in a heart-shaped, scales, equipment for jamming cell phone signal, 36 mobile phones, 35 SIM cards, 2 laptops, several planners and other items to be used as evidences in court.

One operational meeting between investigators from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Croatia was organized in February 2014 together with SELEC, whose main priority is to support the Member States’ agencies in the coordination of trans-border cases for strengthening security in the Southeast European region.