New Chairmanship of the SELEC Council

Bucharest/ Romania, 15 of February 2016 – In accordance with the rotation procedure of the SELEC Council Chairmanship regulated by article 4 of the Rules of Procedure of the Council, the Chairmanship of the Council was transferred to Republic of Moldova, whilst the Vice- Chairmanship to Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Fredolin Lecari, Head of International Police Cooperation Center, General Police Inspectorate, Ministry of Internal Affairs becoming the SELEC Chairperson and MrAleksandar Todosiev, Head of Department for International Cooperation, Ministry of Interior, the SELEC Vice- Chairperson for the year 2016.

The Council is the supreme decision -making body of SELEC. It consists of one high level official designated by each Member State with an authority to act on behalf of their States.