Joint investigation related to drugs successfully concluded with SELEC support

At the end of March 2020 was finalized joint investigation REACTION II conducted between Bulgarian Police and Turkish Customs, operation that resulted in a seizure of 72 kg heroine in Bulgaria, arrests of 2 members of the organized crime group, and 2 other members that are currently wanted with red notice. 

The drugs were hidden in the air tanks/bottles of the semi-trailer of a truck. It was a long lasting operation with huge volume of exchanged information via SELEC channel,  usage of special investigating measures and operational meetings supported by SELEC. 

The wholesale price of the seized drugs was evaluated at 5 million euro. This is the second successful operation related to drugs conducted recently between Bulgarian and Turkish law enforcement authorities, the first one, REACTION I concluded in 2019, led to the seizure of 67 kg heroine destined to Western Europe