Joint investigation NETWORK on counterfeiting vehicles

Following the exchange of information through SELEC, the law enforcement authorities from Hungary, Republic of Moldova and Romania initiated joint investigation “Network” targeting an organized crime group that was dealing with stolen vehicles from EU countries.

The criminal group was formed by Hungarian, Moldovan, Romanian and Ukrainian citizens that were stealing vehicles from the European Union, and by modifying the VIN codes of the vehicles they fraudulently obtained temporary registration numbers. The obtaining of temporary registration numbers was facilitated by a specialized company based in Hungary that was also involved in the criminal activity.

Following this process, the organized crime group was registering the vehicles in Republic of Moldova and then they were legally selling them to good faith buyers.

The law enforcement authorities of the involved countries performed joint activities, including house searches, that resulted in apprehending 8 persons and seizing 31 vehicles until now. The activity of the involved Hungarian company was also suspended until the investigation is finalized.

SELEC supported several operational meetings between the case officers and prosecutors in order to exchange information and evidences that led to the successful conclusion of the joint investigation.

Up to now the damages recorded only in Republic of Moldova sum up to approximately 500,000 euro.

The judicial procedures in this case are still ongoing.