First Prize granted to Romania and Bulgaria for the Operation Tirana

Operation “Tirana” is a case in the field of drug trafficking, carried out via SELEC, in the period January – April 2013, and involving the competent authorities from Romania, Bulgaria and Germany.

An organized crime group was identified, dealing with heroin trafficking from Turkey via Bulgaria and Romania and further on to Germany. The group included Albanian and Romanian citizens, some of them permanently living in Germany.

In the frame of this investigation, more than 15 members of the organized crime group dealing with regular heroin deliveries along the Balkan route have been identified. Total of 30.341 kg heroin were seized in Bulgaria and Romania and 8 members of the organized crime group have been arrested and charged. The vehicles used for smuggling, 2 passengers cars and 1 minibus, have been confiscated.

On 4th of November 2013, the Certificate of honor for the Romanian authorities was handed over at SELEC Headquarters to Mr. Vasile Costea, Head of Anti-Drug Service, Directorate for Countering Organized Criminality within the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police.On this special occasion, Mr. Cristian Duta, Director for Operations of SELEC”,  emphasized that the Operation “Tirana” might be considered as a best practice example of successfully trans-border operation in counter narcotics and congratulated the colleagues from the Romanian and Bulgarian Law Enforcement Agencies for their professionalism and commitment, enthusiasm and prompt action.