Encrypted applications and crypto-currencies tackled during the annual SEEPAG Conference

On the 28 of April 2022 in the framework of the Chairmanship of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was held in Sarajevo the 32nd SEEPAG Conference having as a topic “Encrypted applications, as tools to commit criminal offences and Crypto-currencies, difficulties in investigating and prosecuting”.

The Conference, organized jointly with the General Prosecution Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was attended by prosecutors from Republic of Albania, Kingdom of Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Bulgaria, Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Republic of Serbia, judge from Republic of Turkey, and representatives of EuroMed Justice Programme and European Judicial Network.

The meeting was opened by H.E Mr. Josip Grubesa, Minister of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr.  Milanko Kajganić, SEEPAG Chairman, Acting Chief Prosecutor and Ms. Snejana Maleeva, Director General of SELEC.

All countries present agreed that encrypted applications are a challenge to investigate and prosecute regardless of the legislative framework and a continuous improvement of the knowledge of IT technologies and the cyber space is necessary.

The importance of further developing direct contacts for mutual legal assistance requests, through the support of SEEPAG, as well as other judicial networks, and making more often use of the 24/7 network to speed up the process, were also underlined by the participants to the conference.

According to the alphabetical rotation procedure provided by the SEEPAG General Guidelines, the Chairmanship of SEEPAG for 2023 was transferred to Republic of Bulgaria.