Courtesy visit to the Customs Service of Republic of Moldova

On the 23rd of March 2023 the Director General of SELEC, Dr. Oğuz Serkant AKIN, paid a courtesy visit to the Customs Service of Republic of Moldova.

The Director of the Customs Service, Mr. Igor TALMAZAN, welcomed Mr. AKIN, noting the good cooperation between the two institutions at operational level and strategic analysis in various areas of transborder criminality.

Current topics were tackled during the meeting, in particular the security risks at the borders, having regard the regional situation, as well as the need for capacity building in order to combat transnational organized crime.

It was underlined that the enhanced efficiency of the joint activities is owed to the swift exchange of information done through the Liaison Officers posted by Republic of Moldova at SELEC’s Headquarters.

Dr. Oğuz Serkant AKIN mentioned the great contribution of Republic of Moldova in fulfilling SELEC’s mission, and took this opportunity to reiterate SELEC’s continuous support.

The Training Center and the Museum of the Customs Service were also visited; during the visit the Director General of SELEC being presented a demonstration of specialized dogs trained to detect drugs and tobacco products.