9th Meeting of the Stolen Vehicles Task Force

Timeframe: 27 March 2012
Location: SELEC Headquarters


Bucharest, March 27th, 2012 – The 9th Meeting of the Stolen Vehicles Task Force was held on 27th of March 2012 in the SELEC premises in Bucharest/ Romania.

Representatives of SELEC Member States  from Republic of Albania, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hellenic Republic, Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Republic of Serbia and Republic of Turkey attended the meeting. Delegates of law enforcement services from Azerbaijan, Belgium, Europol, EUBAM, Spain, Ukraine, USA and IAATI – EB also participated in this meeting.

The new trends and latest counter measure mechanisms for tackling the theft or misappropriation of vehicles, were widely presented and discussed. Also a larger overview in combating this criminal activity in Europe and overseas and its connection with other forms of organized crimes (drugs, fraud, forgery of documents, money laundering) was highlighted. SELEC Stolen Vehicles Task Force emphasized its readiness to support  coordinated joint operations and to effectively contribute in the exchange of information for reducing this criminal activity in Southeast Europe.