81 kg of marijuana seized with the support of SELEC

On 3rd of November 2021 the Police officers of Bosnia and Herzegovina carried out jointly with their counterparts from Serbia, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia an operational action called “Alpha” related to drug trafficking.

Searches were carried out in four locations, one suspect being detained during the operational action.

The suspect is accused of transporting around 81 kg of marijuana on a freight motor vehicle with the aim of obtaining illegal gain through unauthorized sale, transfer, transportation, possession, mediation in further international sale, sending and delivery of marijuana owned by an organized crime group.

The said person transported the narcotic drug from Bosnia and Herzegovina with the intention of delivering it to Austria, moving through Republic of Croatia and Republic of Slovenia. The Police bodies discovered the marijuana in a concealed space of the vehicle.

The swift exchange of information done through SELEC, as well as the intensive international cooperation among the police and judicial bodies of the countries involved led to the success of this joint investigation.