7th Meeting of the Container Security Task Force

Timeframe: 25 April 2013
Location: SELEC Headquarters 


Bucharest, April 25, 2013 – The 7th Meeting of the Container Security Task Force was organized on 25th of April 2013, back-to-back with the 3rd Meeting of the Environment and Nature Related Crimes Task Force. The participants from the SELEC Member States and partners (EUBAM, INTERPOL, the Netherlands, RILO ECE, Ukraine and USA) took part in the meeting.

The aim of the meeting was the evaluation of the activities carried out last year, including the adoption of the Report for the Regional Operation “Green Pandora”, commonly developed with the Environment and Nature Related Crimes Task Force, as well as for the Project “Janus”.

The Operation “Green Pandora” was developed in March-April 2012 and focused on environmental threats through containerized shipments.  

The Project “Janus” focused on exercising a group of SELEC states-Customs trainees on export-import customs controls of dual use commodities and on enhancing the pre-arrival/pre-departure information exchange, simultaneously challenging the effectiveness of risk management systems in order to detect and deter real inbound and outbound maritime threats.

The 2012 Assessment on Container Security presented and adopted during the meeting reflected the Member States’ approach on combining local and international experiences and best practices in order to develop an effective risk analysis system.

The participants discussed also the future operational activities and steps to be taken within the Container Security Task Force, including the possible cooperation with other SELEC Task Forces.