3rd Meeting of the Environment and Nature Related Crimes Task Force

Timeframe: 24 April 2013
Location: SELEC Headquarters 


Bucharest, April 24, 2013 – The 3rd Meeting of the Environment and Nature Related Crimes Task Force was organized at the SELEC premises on 24th of April 2013, back-to-back with the 7th Meeting of the Container Security Task Force. The event was attended by 44 participants from the SELEC Member States and partners (Kingdom of Belgium, EUBAM, INTERPOL, RILO ECE and Ukraine). 

In order to have a general overview of the situation in the region, the experts from the SELEC Member States made presentations focused on environment and nature related crimes topics.

An evaluation report of the Regional Operation “Orion” was presented and adopted during the meeting. This operation aimed to prevent the illegal hunting and trafficking of endangered and protected birds, focusing on the joint measures of the participating Member States’ law enforcement agencies against perpetrators committing illegal hunting at international level.

The participants agreed that the crimes committed against the environment and nature is a real threat in Europe and only the common efforts of responsible law enforcement authorities in the region would effectively contribute to diminish the damages caused by the trans-border criminality in this field. A multidisciplinary approach at national and international level was emphasized as being the most effective way of action.

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