2 Meth Laboratories and an important quantity of precursors and chemicals identified as a result of Joint Investigation “METH”

The Police authorities of Republic of Bulgaria and Republic of Türkiye successfully concluded, with the support of the countries’ Liaison Officers posted at SELEC, the joint investigation code-named METH targeting the production of methamphetamine.

At the beginning of 2022, the Bulgarian and Turkish members of the organized crime group agreed to establish a METH Lab in Türkiye to produce methamphetamine. When they’ve started procuring lab equipment and precursors, the Police authorities initiated the investigation in both countries.

At the end of July a joint action was conducted in both Bulgaria and Türkiye, during which 10 houses and 6 vehicles were searched. 13 suspects have been detained in Türkiye, including the Meth ‘cooker’. In Bulgaria, 2 suspects were detained and arrested, one of whom being the ringleader of the organized crime group. During the action were found both Meth Labs in Istanbul and in Sofia.

Following the house searches in Istanbul, 30 kg 158 gr. precursors and chemicals, the Meth production laboratory and its equipment, and a quantity of marijuana have been seized. In Bulgaria, 4 tubes each of  20 liters precursors and chemicals, laboratory equipment, 2 kg powder of very dangerous NPS synthetic cannabinoid were seized.

SELEC, through the Liaison Officers of the countries, facilitated the exchange of information and provided continuous support to the investigation, contributing to the overall case by organizing operational meetings between the law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation.

The judicial proceedings are ongoing in this case.