Working Visit to the SELEC Premises

Bucharest, November 20, 2013 – Through the European Judicial Training Network exchange programme, a group of eleven prosecutors from Bulgaria, France, Romania, Slovakia and Spain visited SELEC Headquarters in Bucharest/ Romania.

Representatives of SELEC and SEEPAG Secretariat made an extensive overview about both organizations’ objectives, structure and activities, underlining the successful operations carried out under SELEC and SEEPAG auspices and the benefits of such law enforcement and judicial cooperation in the Southeast European region.

It was also mentioned that at the last SEEPAG meeting, besides the SEEPAG Members, representatives from all SELEC partners were invited to attend with a view to further develop the collaboration at prosecutorial level.

SEEPAG has developed its good relations with European Judicial Network as the cooperation between judicial networks is essential in tackling more efficiently transnational organized crime.