Visit of the UNODC Regional Office for South- Eastern Europe representative

On the 27 of February 2024, SELEC Management received the visit of Mr. Danilo Rizzi, Regional Representative of UNODC Regional Office for South-Eastern Europe (UNODC ROSEE).

UNODC and SELEC have longstanding and close relationship and both organisations support each other’s activities, and having in mind that SELEC and UNODC ROSEE operate in the same region, during the meeting, it was discussed to further promote joint activities in the fight against transnational and organised crime, to increase representation and participation in events and meetings organised by other party, and hold further meetings in order to define clearly the areas of cooperation.

The institution represented by Mr. Rizzi, UNODC ROSEE, is providing strategic support and high-level technical expertise on drugs, crime, corruption, criminal justice, and terrorism, to partner with countries and jurisdictions across South-Eastern Europe.

UNODC is currently holding the Observer status to SELEC.