Visit of the European Policy for Security and Defense Course participants

Bucharest, October 28, 2015 – In the framework of the training course organized by the Romanian National Internal Affairs College jointly with the European College of Security and Defense a group of 45 participants paid a visit to SELEC Headquarters being welcomed by Mr. Gürbüz Bahadir, SELEC Director General.

The participants from EU Member States, EU institutions and third states included in European Neighborhood Policy were briefed by Mr. Eliodor Tanislav, Romanian Liaison Officer to SELEC and Mirage Task Force Manager, about the work and achievements of SELEC, its mission and functioning, as well as about SEEPAG, underlining the fact that SELEC is a unique organization that brings together police, customs and the judiciary.

Through these kind of visits the students of the Police Academy and the participants to courses organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania are acquainted with the existence of international organizations like SELEC and SEEPAG in the Southeast European region, thus having the opportunity to learn about their role and importance in the fight against transborder organized crime.

The European Neighborhood Policy’s goal, as a key part of the European Union’s foreign policy, is to share the benefits of the European Union with neighboring countries, thus strengthening stability, security and well-being.