Training on Cryptocurrency and Dark web organized jointly with iPROCEEDS

In the period 2-6 December 2019, in Bucharest/Romania, SELEC together with the Cybercrime Programme Office of the Council of Europe (iPROCEEDS), are organizing the Pilot Training on Cryptocurrency and Dark Web Investigation with the participation of investigators from all SELEC Member States.

During opening remarks, SELEC Director for Legal and Internal Affairs, Mrs. Tanja Levajkovikj, stated: “I am confident that this training will increase the capacity building of the law enforcement authorities and will improve regional coordination and cooperation in the Southeast European region, having as a consequence better results in the fight against trans-border serious and organized crime, which is actually SELEC’s mission.”

This training aims to increase the skills, expertise and knowledge of the law enforcement officers on investigating the Darkweb and/or virtual currencies that would result in more efficient and effective investigative efforts, having a direct impact on the criminal threats.

SELEC has Observer status to the Cybercrime Convention Committee of Council of Europe.