Tons of cannabis seized during joint investigation Sunshine supported by SELEC

Following 8 months of exchanging information between Albanian Police Narcotic Department, Turkish Police Narcotic Department and Hellenic Police Narcotic Department, via SELEC channel, regarding the criminal activities of an organized crime group dealing with drug trafficking, the following seizures were made: on 08.08.2017, 2.1 tons cannabis were seized in Italy, on 21.11.2017, 410 kg cannabis were seized in Turkey and on 26.11.2017, 1.6 tons cannabis were seized in Greece. Also, small quantities of cannabis and cocaine were seized in Republic of Albania and Hellenic Republic.

The organized crime group was trafficking drugs in the Balkan countries and in Europe, the modus operandi for the transport of the cannabis was by using a speed boat from Republic of Albania to Republic of Turkey.

On 29 January 2018, by supporting Albanian Narcotic Department, Turkish Police seized in Izmir/ Republic of Turkey 1.6 tons cannabis (skunk) resulted from the illegal activities performed by the same organized crime group, 4 persons being apprehended.

The joint investigation is still ongoing, further results being expected.