The President of the German Customs Investigation Bureau visits SELEC

On October 21st 2016, Mr. Toni Jakimovski, the Director General of SELEC received a delegation from the German Customs Investigation Bureau (ZKA), headed by President Norbert Drude.

Mr. Jakimovski mentioned about the current initiatives of the Center, the increasing number of exchanges of information and joint investigations, and the benefits of the SELEC work in the Southeast Europe.

It was underlined also the great support of Federal Republic of Germany to SELEC and its importance as partner of SELEC.

The President of ZKA confirmed that SELEC is offering an excellent platform for the swift exchange of information and networking, and ensured that they will continue to be an active collaborator at operational level.

Federal Republic of Germany is a long-term partner of the Center, currently holding an Observer status to SELEC.