The Operation «Megara» – Bi-annual Prize of SECI Center/ SELEC

Description:Athens, October 18th – During a ceremony which took place in Athens, at the Headquarters of the Enforcement Corps against Financial Crimes of Hellenic Republic (ECFC), Mr. Petros Petroff (Deputy Director and Head of Operational Support Department of the Southeast European Law Enforcement Center – SELEC), offered the Bi-annual Prize of SECI Center/SELEC to Mr. Nicolaos Lekkas, ECFC Director, for the original modus operandiand excellent outcome resulted in a seizure of 62.4 million pieces of cigarettes in Megara, Greece, which is the biggest seizure in Europe for 2011.

The seized quantity of cigarettes exceeds 80 tons, having an estimated price of 12 million euro. The Operation «Megara» was fully coordinated and supported by the Operational Support Department of the SECI Center/ SELEC in cooperation with EUBAM and Moldavian SIS, also Bulgarian, Romanian and Turkish customs authorities.