Successful joint investigations awarded by SELEC

SELEC awards the successful joint investigations carried out in the framework of SELEC, by the law enforcement authorities of its Member States, as an appreciation for the excellent cooperation and significant results obtained. 

For the second semester of 2016 the following joint investigations were prized: 

First place

Joint investigation MORNING STAR 2 involved the competent authorities from Republic of Bulgaria and Republic of Turkey and targeted an organized criminal group dealing with drug trafficking from Republic of Turkey, via Republic of Bulgaria, to Western Europe countries. The joint investigation resulted in the seizure of 80 kg of heroin hidden in two suitcases in a trunk of a vehicle, in value of 1,5 million Euro. Following this operation, 3 suspects were arrested. 

Joint investigation ROVER involved Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro was initiated in 2015 and targeted an organized criminal group dealing with smuggling of stolen vehicles and other criminal acts connected with motor vehicles. 11 persons were arrested, for 7 being issued arrest warrant. In Republic of Albania were seized 21 vehicles and in Montenegro other 28 vehicles. The national search warrants were issued for additional 8 vehicles, and as a result of intensified controls started in course of this operation other 16 high-classes vehicle were seized on Montenegrin border crossing points. 

Second place

Joint operation KABATAS targeted an organized criminal group, based in Istanbul, dealing with migrants ‘smuggling. Partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Croatia, Montenegro, Romania, Republic of Serbia and Republic of Slovenia, linked to this organized criminal group, supported the illegal border crossing of Turkish nationals along the Western Balkans countries, taking advantage of the free visa regime applicable in these countries, in order to reach Western Europe. 168 migrants and 11 persons suspected for “producing or arranging forged documents” and for “migrant smuggling” were apprehended during the 32 actions that took place at national and international level. Most of the detained Turkish migrants were wanted, as being involved in various factions of idiosyncratic terrorist organizations. 

Joint investigation DANUBE involved the competent authorities of Republic of Bulgaria, Romania and Republic of Serbia and targeted an organized criminal group dealing with illegal production of tobacco products and cigarettes smuggling from Republic of Serbia to EU countries, through Romania, using complex modus operandi. During the investigation 14.5 million pieces of cigarettes were seized by the Bulgarian authorities, 11,5 million pieces of cigarettes by the Romanian authorities, 8 persons, including the organizers, were arrested and the storage house for smuggled cigarettes was revealed. 

Third place

Joint investigation ODZA, developed between Republic of Bulgaria and The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia targeted an organized criminal group dealing with drug trafficking. The investigation succeeded with 108 kg marijuana seized in value of 500.000 euro and 4 persons arrested. 

Joint investigation PESTA involved the law enforcement authorities of Hungary and Republic of Serbia, and targeted an organized criminal group dealing with migrants’ smuggling. The group was recruiting migrants from Republic of Serbia and then organized their illegal border crossing to Hungary. The case succeeded with dismantling the group and arresting 8 persons (including the organizers), criminal charges being submitted against 10 persons in total.