Study Visit of SELEC Liaison Officers to the Turkish Customs

The Liaison Officers posted by the Member States at SELEC Headquarters visited Republic of Türkiye, as guests of the Turkish Ministry of Trade, with the purpose to increase cooperation between the law enforcement authorities of Türkiye and other Member States, and to work more closely to combat smuggling and enhance the fight against organized crime.

Hosted by the General Directorate of Turkish Customs Enforcement, the two groups consisting of SELEC Liaison Officers visited Turkish Customs Regional Directorates at Edirne and Istanbul in the period 18-26 of October 2022.

SELEC delegation had the opportunity to visit the joint border control center between Türkiye, Bulgaria and Greece, and to observe customs procedures, customs enforcement mechanisms to prevent smuggling, investigative procedures and high standard detection technologies in Kapikule border gate, Ambarli Seaport and Istanbul Airport.