Steering Committee of project ATHENA

SELEC, as partner, co-organized the 2nd Steering Committee meeting within project ATHENA -Addressing Training to SPOC (Single Point of Contact) as Hub of a European Network of Law Enforcement Agencies that was held during 18-19 April 2019 at SELEC Headquarters in Bucharest/Romania.

The meeting, moderated by the representatives of the Italian Ministry of Interior, as lead partner, was attended by representatives of all project partners, namely Bulgarian Ministry of Interior, State Police of Latvia, Malta Police Force, Romanian Police, Belgian Federal Police and SELEC.

The description of the activities managed so far, problems encountered, budget overview and revisions, planning of road shows and cascade trainings were among the topics debated during the steering committee.

Project ATHENA aims developing an effective coordination of training on law enforcement information exchange for the Single Points of Contact (SPOC), the promotion of a common law enforcement culture and the creation of a consolidated proactive network of SPOC Heads and staff.