SELEC’s anniversary

22 years ago the Southeast European Law Enforcement Center (SELEC), at that time SECI Center, was established with the aim to prevent and combat transborder organized crime in Southeast Europe by bringing together Police and Customs authorities of its Member States.

Due to the permanent commitment of the countries’ law enforcement authorities, the Center transformed and evolved, currently being the only law enforcement organization in the region that fights against transborder serious and organized crime, thus contributing to the security in Southeast Europe.

In nowadays world, we’ve learned that security threats are no longer just national, but also global, having a direct impact on our societies, being imperative for all countries, institutions, authorities, organizations to join synergies in addressing the emerging challenges that law enforcement authorities are facing.

Today, as we also face the pandemic and address its impact on global security and economic prosperity, more than ever the international cooperation needs to be enhanced at all levels. By bringing together the resources of 11 Member States and 25 partner countries and organizations, as well as judicial networks, I am proud to say that SELEC successfully fulfills its mission, thus significantly contributing to a more effective and efficient international law enforcement cooperation– stated Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, the Director General of SELEC.