SELEC’s 6th Anniversary

7th of October 2017 marks the 6th year from the establishment of the Southeast European Law Enforcement Center, the successor of SECI Center founded in 1999.

SELEC provides a multinational expertise to law enforcement authorities across the Southeast European region offering the necessary platform for the swift exchange of information, supporting joint investigations and regional operations, as well as delivering quality analytical products.

The increasing number of exchanges of information and requests of assistance from 11.320 in 2011 to 23.967 in 2016, and the number of joint investigations supported by SELEC, that also registered an increasing trend from 60 in 2011 to 101 in 2016, stand as a proof of the Member States and Partners’ trust in SELEC.

These results are owed to the dedication and excellent cooperation of the law enforcement authorities of our Member States and Partners and, of course, our Liaison Officers. The commitment and involvement of our twelve Member States in preventing and combating trans-border organized crime in the region is the foundation of our success” stated on this occasion Mrs. Snejana MALEEVA, Acting Director General of SELEC.

Over the years SELEC continued to enlarge and enhance the cooperation with other countries and organizations, currently having 3 Operational partners and 20 Observer countries and organizations.

A paramount consideration is also given to our analytical products, which offer a support to the relevant stakeholders to better tackle the organized crime phenomenon at regional level. In this regard, it worth mentioning that SELEC continues preparing the Organized Crime Threat Assessment for the Southeast Europe region (OCTA SEE), a comprehensive product that represents a useful tool for decision-makers and practitioners.

SELEC is committed to further develop its capacities in order to offer a proper response to the emerging threats to the security of the countries in the Southeast European region.