SELEC organized several workshops tackling firearms trafficking

As partner in the project ECOFIT- Options for EnhanCing Operational intruments in the area of FIreams Trafficking- SELEC organized online during 4-12 February 2021 five workshops organized within Activity 3.3 of the project. 

Three workshops were organised with the representatives of EU Member States and third countries (Norway, Switzerland and UK), one workshop with representatives of non-EU SELEC Member States and one with representatives of international institutions (i.e. UNODC/EUROPOL/NABIS/INTERPOL/OSCE/DG HOME/EFE Group).

All the participants that attended the workshops were experts in the field of firearms trafficking and in the fight against this illicit trade.

The discussions held during the workshops focused on the identified gaps in the use of 5 operational instruments (i.e. data collection, data sharing, national firearms focal points, joint investigations, controlled delivery), policy objectives (general, operational and strategic) and related policy options to fill the gaps.

In the framework of project ECOFIT, SELEC has developed the Database mapping the 7 non-EU SELEC Member States operational instruments related to firearms trafficking and drafted a comprehensive descriptive report of the above-mentioned database.

Both products were deliverables set by the project proposal and focused on five different operational instruments: Mechanisms for Data collection, Mechanisms for Data sharing, National Firearms Focal Points, Joint Criminal Investigations and Controlled delivery procedures. Data was collected through a standardised questionnaire disseminated to SELEC Member States. 

Project ECOFIT, that was conducted for a period of 18 months, shall conclude with the webinar “Enhancing  operational cooperation in the fight against firearms trafficking” that shall be held on 10 of May 2021.

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