SELEC opened a new Operational Center Unit

Recently SELEC opened at its premises a new Operational Center Unit (OCU), equipped with cutting edge technology, with the purpose to increase the operational capacity of the law enforcement authorities against organized criminality.

The OCU brings together information from the entire SELEC region, facilitating a proper operational response to different threats. A real-time exchange of information and criminal intelligence among SELEC Member States and Operational Partners, subsequently collected, collated, processed, analyzed and disseminated will support better operational, tactical and strategic decisions and efficient actions against transborder crime.

The state-of-the-art OCU is fully operational and equipped for both mobility and communication, including operational analytical and operational mobile units. As a part of the OCU, to ensure a fast data collection, enhance analysis and exchange of strategic and operational information, a customized SELEC Intelligence Reporting Application Tool (S.I.R.A.T.) has been developed.

Moreover, the OCU is permanently interconnected with SELEC Member States through National Focal Points located within the national law enforcement authorities, also provided with new high level equipment. In order to ensure mobility and dynamics of operations, the OCU may be connected directly with the case officers.

Furthermore, the regional operations developed under SELEC’s coordination could be conducted with experts deployed in SELEC Headquarters, the OCU having capacity to host specialists operating in real time coordination with the national authorities.

SELEC’s Operational Centre Unit was created with the financial support provided by PMI IMPACT[1] through project Fight Against Illegal Trade – FAIT.

[1] PMI IMPACT – a global grant initiative by Philip Morris International to support projects dedicated to fighting illegal trade and related crimes.