SELEC hosted one of the Operational Coordination Units in Interpol’s Global operation LIONFISH

In the period 17 September – 8 October 2018 was carried out Global Operation codenamed LIONFISH led by INTERPOL that focused on illicit substances and drug trafficking.

During this first global initiative simultaneously involving all of INTERPOL’s regions, SELEC hosted and supported the regional Operational Coordinating Unit (OCU) involving participating European countries including several Middle East countries, being one of the five OCUs set up for conducting this operation.

Operation LIONFISH led to the arrest of 1,300 suspects and the seizure of more than 35 tonnes of cocaine, five tonnes of heroin, 15 tonnes of cannabis and 430,000 Captagon tablets.

On this occasion SELEC Director General, Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, said: “Over the years, the partnership between INTERPOL and SELEC has proved to be a benchmark pillar for enlarged cooperation for the benefit of the Member states, the results of the Operation Lionfish being the latest proof of its efficiency by addressing organized crime through a common approach.”

The LIONFISH Operation is also a practical outcome of the Cooperation agreement concluded between Interpol and SELEC in 2014