Regional workshop organized by SELEC regarding the connection between firearms trafficking and cybercrime

During 25-26 April 2018, in the framework of Project SIRAS- Strengthening the Fight against Firearms Trafficking in Southeastern Europe, SELEC organized in Tirana/Republic of Albania the Interdisciplinary regional workshop “Links between firearms trafficking and cybercrime” with the purpose of promoting networking, mutual learning and enhancing cooperation in firearms trafficking cases.

The regional workshop that aimed exploring the connection between firearms trafficking and cybercrime, gathered representatives of all Member States of SELEC, of international organizations and of the private sector. The participants presented significant cases investigated in the last years related to links between firearms trafficking and cybercrime (firearms acquired online – surfaceweb and darkweb; weapons acquired using crypto currency, organized crime groups/individuals using Internet as facilitating factor, organized crime groups/individuals using cybercrime as a crime catalyst, online investigations, undercover online investigations).

Project SIRAS is financed by the European Union under the funding mechanism Home/2015/ISFP/AG/TDFX/400000735-Internal Security Fund, having as partners the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, SELEC, Albanian State Police, Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgarian General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Italian Ministry of Interior. The total budget of the project is EUR 562,072.00, out of which EUR 505,864.80 financed by the European Union.

More information about Project SIRAS is available in the online version of the Annual Report of SELEC for the year 2017.

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