Regional Meeting on Cyber Crime and Credit Cards Fraud

Timeframe: 8 October 2013 – 9 October 2013
Location: Ohrid, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


October 14, 2013 – SELEC organized on October 8-9, 2013, in Ohrid/ Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, a Regional Meeting of the Cyber Crime and Credit Cards Fraud Subgroups, within the Financial and Computer Crime Task Force of SELEC.

The representatives of the law enforcement authorities from eight member states (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Turkey), and also guests from SELEC Partners (INTERPOL, SEEPAG, UK and USA) and Private Sector (Cisco International, CaSys International, MK Bank Fraud Forum, International Cyber Investigation Training Academy and MasterCard) took part in the meeting.

The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss about the new approaches for identifying and investigating cyber crime and credit cards fraud, as well as to make proposals for future development related to operational activities.  Each delegation presented the current situation, problems encountered, also sharing experience and best practices and giving examples of significant cases in this field emphasizing the new trends, modus operandi and investigative methods.

Participants in the meeting emphasized the need for increased international cooperation among law enforcement authorities in countering cyber crime and credit card frauds. At the same time, it was highlighted the importance of developing the cooperation between public and private sectors in both preventing and combating this crime.

The important role of SELEC in increasing cooperation, supporting networking, information exchange and joint investigations was recognized by all participants, SELEC reiterating its support and encouraging the member states law enforcement authorities to use more intensively this platform, examples of successful cases using SELEC channel being given in this respect.

It was concluded that annual task force meetings and specialized trainings with the support of private sector, as well as increased networking and information exchange are important steps towards better understanding the cyber crime and credit card frauds, leading to improved actions in both preventing and countering these crimes.

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