Organized Crime Threat Assessment for South East Europe (OCTA SEE)

On June 5th 2018, SELEC organized at its headquarters in Bucharest the 1st Organized Crime Threat Assessment for South East Europe 2018 (OCTA SEE 2018) Expert Meeting with the participation of representatives of all SELEC Member States.

The meeting was opened by Mr. Romulus N. Ungureanu, Director for Operations, who mentioned the importance of the OCTA SEE 2018 for the decision-makers, but as well on a strategic and operational level. Considering the mobility and poly-criminality of the organized crime groups operating in the region, law enforcement agencies should take advantage of the latest technologies and innovations in their work and to increase their capacity in the fight against organized crime. As well, Mr. Ungureanu stated the benefits of increasing cooperation with the other international organizations, such as Europol and Interpol, both strategic and operational.

The main aim of the meeting was to identify information gaps, discuss, analyze and amend the state-of-play of each chapter of OCTA SEE 2018, to plan the 2nd OCTA SEE meeting, as well as to explore the option to have a public version of the assessment.

OCTA SEE is the most comprehensive analytical product developed by SELEC with the support of its Member States, representing a useful instrument for decision-makers in setting up common strategies in combating trans-border organized crime in Southeast Europe.