Official Visit

Bucharest, January 22, 2015 – A delegation from the Customs Administration of Republic of Serbia (Mrs.  Sonja Lazarevic, Head of the Department of internal control Customs Administration, Mr. Zeljko Popovic, Head of Department of Internal Customs Audit, and Mr. Bojan Vidovic, Inspector of internal control), paid today a visit to SELEC Headquarters and had a meeting with Mr. Gürbüz Bahadır, Director General, and Mr. Cristian Duţă, Director for Operations.

The Serbian delegation was accompanied by Mr. Veselin Čubrović, Serbian Customs Liaison Officer.

During the meeting, there were tackled relevant issues concerning the police and customs cooperation in the region and has been emphasized the contribution of Republic of Serbia to the Center’s activities, including discussions on future enhancement of this cooperation.