Hosting the Case Management System workshop in the framework of project A.T.H.E.N.A 2

On the 14 of February 2024, SELEC hosted, at its premises in Bucharest, the Workshop on Case Management System, activity organized in the framework of the project A.T.H.E.N.A 2, in which SELEC is a project partner.

The meeting, attended by specialized representatives of all project partners, focused on the development of a Case Management System for Single Points of Contacts (SPOCs), in accordance with the provisions of the Directive (EU) 2023/977 on the exchange of information between the law enforcement authorities of Member States, which mentions that Member States must ensure that SPOCs deploy and operate a single electronic Case Management System for the 24/7 exchange of information.

Participants were welcomed by Mrs. Tanja Levajkovikj, Director for Legal and Internal Affairs of SELEC, who also briefed about SELEC and the activities conducted within project A.T.H.E.N.A 2.

The main aim of Project A.T.H.E.N.A 2 – Addressing Threat assessment through a European Network of Law Enforcement Agencies– is to support joint investigations, operational meetings, cross border observations, joint patrols, organize thematic workshops and trainings for SPOCs, as well as to propose a model of a Case Management System for international law enforcement cooperation.