Bulgarian law enforcement officers awarded by SELEC

On 12 of November 2019, at the Chief Directorate of the Bulgarian National Police and Chief Directorate Combating Organized Crime headquarters, SELEC awarded three joint investigations successfully concluded by the Bulgarian law enforcement authorities with the support of SELEC, namely joint investigation RING-RING, REACTION and FIREFLY.

The Director General of SELEC, Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, personally granted the certificates of honor for the successful joint investigations conducted in the framework of SELEC and congratulated the case officers involved in these joint investigations, the ceremonies being held in the presence of the Chief Commissioner Mr. Hristo Terziyski, Director of the Bulgarian National Police and Chief Comissioner Ivaylo Spiridonov, Director of Chief Directorate Combating Organized Crime.

Joint investigation RING-RING targeted dismantling an organized criminal group that committed frauds related to/and through mobile means of communication on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, the profit obtained by the members of the organized crime group during two years being evaluated at approx. 1 million euro.

Joint investigation FIREFLY on illegal production and smuggling of cigarettes, succeeded with the seizure of 26,350,000 pcs of cigarettes and 10,200 kg of manufactured tobacco.

67 kg of heroin, evaluated by the Bulgarian authorities at 1 million euro, was seized during joint investigation REACTION conducted by the Bulgarian Police and Turkish Customs authorities.

As an appreciation for the outstanding results and efficient international cooperation, SELEC awards two times per year the most notable joint investigations carried out by the law enforcement authorities of its Member States in the framework of SELEC.