Almost 100 illegal migrants apprehended during a joint action supported by SELEC

The Bulgarian law enforcement authorities joined forces with the Turkish Police in the Operation codenamed TAKSIM which targeted dismantling an organized criminal group which was involved in illegal migration.

On 6th of November 2016, based on the information received from the Bulgarian law enforcement authorities, the Turkish Police managed to detain two traffickers and stop 27 migrants, originating from Syria, Iraq and Bangladesh, that were attempting crossing illegally, by boat, the Aegean sea, heading towards Greece. During the same operation, the following day, in Bodrum, two other organizers and 72 illegal migrants were arrested.

The investigation was initiated 3 months ago following the exchange of information facilitated by the Bulgarian and Turkish Liaison Officers and one operational meeting supported by SELEC.

The case is ongoing, further results being expected to be reported.