A delegation of the General Directorate of the National French Gendarmerie visited SELEC

Bucharest, March 28th, 2017 – The Management of SELEC welcomed the visit of the delegation of theGeneral Directorate of the National French Gendarmerie headed by General Jean-Pierre Michel, Deputy Director of the Judicial Police.

Mr. Toni Jakimovski, Director General of SELEC, presented  the mission and the activities carried out by SELEC and SEEPAG, mentioning that French Republic is currently an Observer to SELEC, hence reviewing its status, in order to become an Operational partner to SELEC, would be of mutual benefit.

The cooperation with SELEC is open to any state, international organization and body that has an interest in the law enforcement cooperation in the Southeast European region, expresses its readiness to cooperate with SELEC and to contribute to the fulfilment of SELEC’s objectives.