19th Conference of the SEEPAG

Dubrovnik/Croatia, November 8- 9, 2011

Under the Croatian Chairmanship, the second meeting of the members of the Southeast European Prosecutors Advisory Group took place in Dubrovnik/ Croatia, on 8 – 9 of November 2011, having as a topic: „Investigating and Prosecuting Crimes of Money Laundering”.

 Members from all 12 member states, along with the SELEC Management and representatives from European Judicial Network, US Department of State and US Department of Justice were present at this event.

 Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, SELEC’s acting Director in charge with Legal and Internal Affairs, gave an extensive presentation about SELEC, having in mind that the SELEC Convention entered into force on the 7th of October 2011. Having the SECI Center’s 12 years of experience behind the Southeast European Law Enforcement Center is now set up and is functioning effectively.

During the meeting the SEEPAG members presented their national legislation related to the topic, exchanged practice of its implementation in their respective countries and gave examples of succesful cases conducted between them in the framework of SEEPAG.

 It was decided that the SEEPAG will continue to function under SELEC’s umbrella and it was agreed the further involvement of the SEEPAG members in the SELEC activities. With this ocassion, the Chairmanship was transfered to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, according to the rotation procedure established in the SEEPAG’s General Guidelines.