12th Meeting of Stolen Vehicles Task Force

Bucharest, April 1, 2015 – Over 50 experts from SELEC Member States – Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hellenic Republic, Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Republic of Serbia and Republic of Turkey, and also partners – EUBAM, EUROPOL, GIE ARGOS, Kingdom of Spain and Italian Republic, participated in Bucharest at the 12th Meeting of the Stolen Vehicles Task Force. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Cristian Duta, Director for Operations of SELEC.

In order to have a general overview of the situation in the region, the participants presented the national situation on the current vehicles crimes and related statistics – new trends and challenges, recent investigations and best practices examples, and also made proposals for future activities.

On this occasion, the Evaluation Report of the Regional Operation “HIT”, as well as the Statistical Report on Vehicle Crime in Southeast Europe were presented and discussed during the meeting.

The participants in the meeting agreed that the phenomenon of stolen vehicles represents a threat that occurs trans-nationally and transcends national boundaries, making the international cooperation an essential perquisite to prevent and combat more efficiently this type of crime.

Stolen Vehicles Task Force is one of the oldest SELEC’s task forces, being established in 2002 and coordinated by Hungary.