SELEC Anti-Terrorism Task Force meeting

On the 21st of May 2024, the 9th meeting of the SELEC Anti-Terrorism Task Force, coordinated by Republic of Türkyie, took place in Bucharest, at the SELEC Headquarters.

Topics like international and/or domestic terrorism threatening the social order and citizens’ safety in the Member States were approached by the participants, professionals from the Law Enforcement Agencies in the Southeast European region responsible for countering terrorism.

Terrorist organizations are increasingly adopting advanced technologies to enhance their operations and evade detection. The use of new technologies by terrorist groups presents multifaceted challenges that require innovative and collaborative approaches from law enforcement agencies and intelligence units. By staying ahead of these technological advancements and leveraging our own cutting-edge tools, we can more effectively counter these evolving threats, including enhanced collaboration and intelligence sharing, training and capacity building and embracing and implementing the new technologies.” mentioned Mr. Romulus N. Ungureanu, SELEC Director for Operations.

Mr. Romulus N. Ungureanu
Director for Operations

During the active discussions and debates, countries representatives shared good practices, success stories, challenges and lessons learned which can be of reference for improvement and future actions. Operational partners like US Customs and Border Protection also attended the meeting contributing with their perspective upon how cooperation and information exchange could add value to the anti-terrorism efforts across the region and not only.

The overall aim of the national law enforcement authorities represented at the meeting was to enhance regional cooperation, as well as set the ground for further operational activities to be organized in a coordinated manner at regional level.

The Anti-Terrorism Task Force was established in 2003, and has regular meetings fostered by SELEC.