11th Meeting of Anti-Fraud and Anti-Smuggling Task Force

Timeframe: 8 May 2012 – 9 May 2012
Location: Durres, Republic of Albania


Durres, May 8th – 9th, 2012 – The 11th Meeting of Anti-Fraud and Anti-Smuggling Task Force, bringing together all SELEC Member States, started today in Durres, Republic of Albania. The main purpose of this meeting was to evaluate three different regional operations held last year and to identify future activities to be undertaken within the SELEC AFAS TF area of responsibility.

The Minister of Interior of Republic of Albania, Mr. Bujar Nishani, and the Albanian Customs Director General, Mr. Flamur Gjymiska, addressed opening remarks to the participants, both of the speakers highlighting the importance of regional cooperation for tackling illegal activities threatening the national revenues, with the possibility to use the funds earned from these activities for organized crime networks for developing other serious criminal activities such as drug trafficking, THB and SoM, arms trafficking, money laundering etc.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Petros Petroff, Acting Director in charge with Operations, who stated:

“SELEC recognizes the European orientation of Republic of Albania and is committed to provide support and to make best efforts along side with the Albanian Authorities and the Police and Customs authorities of the other Member States, for consolidating safety and security in the region and to this end to reach the European and International standards”.

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