Workshop on Tackling Drug Trafficking

Sarajevo/ Bosnia and Herzegovina, 23-25 September 2014 – A Workshop on Tackling Drug Trafficking was organized by SELEC with the financial support of US/EUCOM in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 23rd – 25th of September 2014.

The purpose of the training was to highlight best practices in building large investigations and following the proceeds to increase the rates of a successful criminal forfeiture, as well as to strengthen and improve information sharing, joint investigations, regional operations, trans-border controlled deliveries and interdiction of illicit drug trafficking throughout Southeast Europe.

The training provided a platform for discussions and sharing of specific procedures to better understand all aspects involved in this types of investigations from both perspectives (law enforcement and prosecution).

During the event, 65 experts from SELEC Member States – law enforcement representatives and prosecutors, and US representatives  – DOJ OPDAT, DEA, EUCOM, Marshall Service and US Attorney, came together to discuss advanced forfeiture investigations and money laundering activities related to drug trafficking cases as well as practical issues and aspects of cross-border illicit drug trafficking.