A total of 8.4 tons of marijuana seized following a joint investigation supported by SELEC

After 14 months of intensive exchange of information through SELEC channel among competent law enforcement authorities of Republic of Albania,Republic of North Macedonia, Hellenic Republic, Italian Republic and Republic of Turkey, on 12 of May 2018 was finalized  the joint investigation codenamed SUNSHINE with a total of 8.4 tons marijuana seized and 66 persons arrested. 

In Republic of Albania 4 operations were carried out, 1.4 tons marijuana seized and 25 persons arrested.

In Republic of Turkey 3 operations were carried out, 3.2 tons marijuana seized and 22 persons arrested.

In Hellenic Republic 2 operations were carried out, 1.6 tons marijuana seized and 17 persons arrested.

In The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 1 operation was carried out, 80 kg marijuana seized and 2 persons arrested.

In Italian Republic 1 operation was carried out, 2.2 tons marijuana seized.

The Director for Operations of SELEC, Mr. Romulus N. Ungureanu stated with this occasion that “the results of this outstanding operation of the law enforcement agencies from the SELEC Member States are proving once again the excellent cooperation among them in the fight against organized crime groups. I am proud that SELEC managed to offer support in this operation. I am positive as well that this will continue in future operations and I would like to emphasize the tremendous results and work of all investigators and prosecutors involved in this operation”.