23rd Conference of SEEPAG

Athens/Hellenic Republic, 21-22 October 2013

The second meeting under Greek Chairmanship having as a topic “New trends in the crimes of terrorism in the framework of the current global changes” was held in Athens/Hellenic Republic, on 21-22 October 2013.

The conference was chaired by Mr. Nikolaos Ornerakis, Public Prosecutor of Court of First Instance in Athens and by Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, SELEC Director for Legal and Internal Affairs.

Mr. Charalampos Athanasiou, the Greek Minister of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights and Mr. Nikolaos Kanellopoulos, Secretary General of the Ministry participated at this event, having opening speeches and addressing the topic.

During the conference the participants presented their legislation and institutional capacity for combating terrorism, the international legal instruments ratified and implemented in their domestic legislation and also discussed and exchanged views regarding the instruments and best practices with such cases.

Representatives of SELEC partners, Ukraine and United States of America,  attended the event with a view of developing the cooperation with SEEPAG Member States. They participated at the discussions,  and also introduced their judicial structures and national legislation.

According to the alphabetical rotation principle provided by SEEPAG’s General Guidelines, the Chairmanship was transferred from Hellenic Republic to Hungary, following that Dr. Eszter Mária Köpf, Head of Department for International and European Affairs, Office of the Prosecutor General of Hungary, to take over the SEEPAG Chairmanship for the year 2014.