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The Southeast European Prosecutors Advisory Group is an international mechanism of judicial cooperation, formed by the countries of the SEE region with an express intention of facilitating judicial cooperation in significant trans-border crime investigations and cases.

The Southeast European Prosecutors Advisory Group is functioning under SELEC umbrella, having the same member states, namely Republic of Albania, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hellenic Republic, Republic of Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Republic of Serbia, Republic of Slovenia and Republic of Turkey.

The SEEPAG was constituted by the Declaration of the prosecutor representatives of the first meeting of the South East European Prosecutors Advisory Group on 11-12, December 2003, in Belgrade.

The adoption of SEEPAG’s basic document in 2005, the General Guidelines of the Southeast European Prosecutors Advisory Group, resulted in institutionalizing of the SEEPAG as an international mechanism.

SEEPAG enhances the cooperation and coordination between national investigating and prosecuting authorities allowing all law enforcement agencies to act more effectively when dealing with transborder crime and more importantly to bring faster criminals to justice.

SEEPAG is a network of experienced prosecutors who assist SELEC in operational matters and facilitate the rapid exchange of information and evidence in transborder investigations.

This network consists in National Prosecutorial Focal Points established in each member state with the task of facilitating judicial cooperation between states participating in the SEEPAG, as well as providing assistance to the SELEC operations.

By linking together a network of experienced prosecutors, SEEPAG seeks to fill in a critical gap in the region by promoting the timely exchange of information and evidence, whether through the proper execution of mutual legal assistance requests, or through more informal channels of communication.

The SEEPAG’s function is also to provide guidance, assistance and feed-back to lawmakers in the region, on justice and law enforcement issues.

SEEPAG is a non-centralized dynamic structure, with horizontal character, having a practical and simple organizational structure: the Chairmanship and the Secretariat.

The Chairmanship rotates in alphabetical order of the member states and it’s for a term of one (1) year. SEEPAG’s Secretariat is provided by SELEC and it’s based in Bucharest, at SELEC’s Headquarters.

SEEPAG Contact Points meet on a regular basis, usually in the country that holds the Chairmanship.  Among the latest topics discussed:

  • Investigating and prosecuting crimes of money laundering
  • Investigating and prosecuting cybercrime
  • The exchange of classified information in mutual legal assistance
  • Trafficking of Human Beings and Smuggling Migrants
  • Controlled delivery. Drug trafficking
  • Sharing and protecting law enforcement information in SEE
  • Prosecuting International Terrorist Financing Cases
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