Elected by the SELEC Council as Director General of SELEC since 2017.

Before holding this position, Mrs. Maleeva was the Director for Legal and Internal Affairs of SELEC for three consecutive mandates, since the beginning of 2011.

Mrs. Maleeva has a Master degree in Law and a BA in Rhetoric with postgraduate specialization in international cooperation at the Sofia University, Bulgaria  and in European Law at the College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium, Accer Institute, The Netherlands and the European Institute of Public Administration, Luxembourg.

She was a trainer and a lecturer on acquis communautaire at the National Institute of Justice (Bulgaria) and visiting lecturer at the Universite de Montreal, Canada. 

Before elected as Director for Legal and Internal Affairs and Director General of SELEC, Mrs. Maleeva was Head of European Affairs Department in the Ministry of Interior. Among other activities she worked very actively for the accession of Republic of Bulgaria to Schengen. Before that she was Director of the European Integration Directorate at the Ministry of Justice, being actively involved in the negotiations for the accession of Republic of Bulgaria to the European Union.

Once Bulgaria joined the European Union, Mrs. Maleeva participated intensely in the activities of the structures of EU as Bulgarian national representative.

As recognition of her professional accomplishments she has received numerous awards.

In 2007, for her contribution to the Bulgarian accession to the European Union she received Golden Medal “Justice, Security, Liberty”

With multiple publications in Bulgaria and abroad, Mrs. Maleeva has been also participating in many international fora on legal, international and law enforcement issues.

Languages: Bulgarian (mother tongue), English, French, Russian.