7th of October marks SELEC’s anniversary!

Established in 1999 as SECI, transformed in SELEC in 2011 with a stronger legal base and mandate, SELEC has evolved from an operational platform to combat all forms of serious and organized crime and terrorism to an indispensable segment of the security of the region and one of the most successful examples of regional cooperation.

SELEC’s operational activities had gradually developed through the years, the Center continuing to remain the most reliable and cost effective cooperation platform for its Member States and Partner countries and organizations and a key player in fighting transborder serious and organized crime in Southeast Europe.

The challenges of nowadays crime cannot be addressed by each country individually, but through a synergy of actions from all the actors involved in fighting organized crime. Thus regional cooperation is crucial in addressing the security challenges in the region that can be best tackled through common approach, enhanced cooperation and strengthened partnership.

On this special occasion, Mrs. Snejana MALEEVA, Director General, stated:  “I take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the law enforcement authorities of our Member States and its officers, as well as to convey gratitude to all SELEC partners for their relentless work in preventing and countering transnational serious and organized crime that affects the security of the region”.

SELEC remains fully committed and engaged in supporting the law enforcement authorities through a strengthened operational-focused dialogue on key issues and challenges in the fight against serious and organised crime in the region, with a general objective to identify solutions that can boost the effective cooperation among the Member States and Partners.