18 November 2016 :: Press releases :: News & Events

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The 13th session of the SELEC Council

Bucharest, November 17th, 2016 - In the framework of the 13th session of the Council, high level representatives of Police and Customs from SELEC Member States, as well as members of the Council and SELEC Partners’ delegates, gathered today at the SELEC Headquarters in Bucharest/Romania, to celebrate SELEC’s 5th anniversary.

SELEC’s main achievements and activities were introduced to the audience by Mr. Toni Jakimovski, SELEC Director General, who presented with this occasion an outlook of the future of SELEC. Thus, in line with these objectives, bilateral meetings took place with the view of discussing the possibilities to further enhance the cooperation with the Member States and Partners’ law enforcement authorities.

According to the rotation procedure provided by the Rules of Procedure of the Council, the Chairmanship was transferred to Montenegro and the Vice- Chairmanship to Republic of Croatia.

As a recognition of the significant contribution to the work of SELEC, Certificates of Honor were awarded to Mr. Fredolin Lecari, representative of Republic of Moldova and Mr. Aleksandar Todosiev, representative of The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the Chairman and respectively the Vice- Chairman of the Council during year 2016.

The Council, SELEC’s highest decision-making body, has regular annual meetings, the next session of the Council being tentatively scheduled for May 2017.