07 October 2016 :: Press releases :: News & Events

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Today, 7 of October 2016, marks SELEC’s 5th anniversary. It is the fifth year of coordinated efforts towards the improvement and further enhancement of the mechanism of interaction among law enforcement authorities of our twelve Member States.

On this date, in 2011, SECI Center became SELEC while the 14 years experience and good practices of the SECI Center, as a unique international organization that delivers valuable support to the national law enforcement authorities of Police and Customs, were transferred to SELEC.

Through the years, SELEC has diversified and enlarged its area of expertise and its endeavors in preventing an countering trans-border organized crime in the Southeast European region, covering issues like trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants, drug trafficking, fraud and smuggling, terrorism, cybercrime, container security, stolen vehicles, environment and nature related crimes a/o.

The increasing number of exchanges of requests and information and the joint investigations conducted by the Member States within SELEC’s framework stand as proof that that the Center has been able to provide effective support and prompt response to the Member States’ law enforcement authorities in the fight against trans-border crime.

The excellent results achieved could not be obtained without the support and dedication of the law enforcement agencies of our Member States, Liaison Officers, National Focal Points, SELEC Staff and Partners.

Broadening the cooperation with other countries, organizations and bodies so as to have a synergy approach in preventing and combating organized crime was always one of the SELEC’s priority, so that currently partnerships are established with more than forty countries and institutions. During 2011- 2016, there were 5 applications for receiving the Operational partner status and 18 for becoming an Observer to SELEC.

Our strength is owed to the constant commitment of the Member States in achieving the common objectives in preventing and combating serious and organized crime in Southeast Europe, a sine qua non condition for sustainable development and making the region more secure.