17 May 2016 :: Press releases :: News & Events

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SELEC awards Bulgarian officers

The awarding ceremony for Operation Caddy, that was granted by SELEC the Second prize for the second semester of 2015, took place in the Chief Directorate for Combating Organized Crime in the presence of the Director, Mr. Ivaylo Spiridonov, and Deputy Director, Mr. Stefan Dzholev. The Certificates of Honor were offered to Mr. Cvetan Pankov, Head of the Drugs department, Mr. Ivan Vasilev, Head of Unit for illegal international traffic of drugs, and to the case officer, Mr. Nikolay Dimitrov.

Joint investigation Caddy, involved competent authorities from Republic of Bulgaria and Romania, and led to the arrest of three persons and seizure of 16,5 kg of heroin. The organized criminal group consisting in German, Romanian and Turkish nationals were trafficking heroin from Republic of Turkey to Western European countries. The efficient coordination and swift exchange of information in this successful joint investigation was done through SELEC.

The Bulgarian officers also received certificates of appreciation for the successful nominated investigations Selcuk and Depot conducted within SELEC framework. For Operation Selcuk the certificate was given to Ms. Denitsa Dolapchieva, Head of Unit "Illegal Migration", Chief Directorate Border Police, and for Operation Depot to Mr. Kalin Litov, Head of Department "Customs regime, money, tax and insurance system", Chief Directorate Combating Organized Crime.

Bi-annually, SELEC grants awards to law enforcement authorities from its Member States as an appreciation for the successful joint investigations coordinated and supported by SELEC.