10 May 2016 :: Press releases :: News & Events

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Serbian officers awarded by SELEC for three successful operations

Bucharest, May 10th, 2016 - On 20 of April 2016, the Acting Serbian Police Director, Mr. Vladimir Rebić, presented the awards granted by the Southeast European Law Enforcement Center (SELEC) to three members of the Ministry of the Interior. The awarded officers Dejan Rastović, Igor Džuvarević and Vladimir Abazović, Police team leaders, carried out the joint investigations Frenklin (on counterfeit banknotes), Kashmir (on illegal migrations) and Vodno/Chema (on smuggling of narcotics). Mr. Dejan Kovačević, Head of the Organized Crime Service and Mr. Milan Dimitrijević, Head of the International Operational Police Cooperation Department, also received Certificates of appreciation for the investigations coordinated within SELEC’s framework.

Joint investigation Frenklin targeted an organized criminal group involved in manufacturing and distributing counterfeit money in denomination of 100 USD. The investigation involved the competent authorities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Croatia, Montenegro, Romania and Republic of Serbia, and led to the arrest of 27 persons, seizure of 32,000 EUR and around 2400 pieces of forged 100 USD bills. This joint investigation received the First Prize for the second semester of 2015, whilst joint investigation Kashmir, involving law enforcement authorities from Hungary and Republic of Serbia that succeeded to dismantle an international organized criminal group dealing with illegal migrants’ smuggling, was granted the Second Prize. Serbian officers were also awarded for joint investigation Vodno/Chema (Third prize) that led to the arrest of 17 persons and seizure of different drugs, this successful operation being the result of the excellent cooperation among competent agencies from Republic of Albania, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Serbia and Republic of Turkey.

With this occasion Mr. Vladimir Rebić, Acting Serbian Police Director, stated: “I am especially pleased with the fact that the awards come from a prestigious international organization of which contribution to the development of international cooperation, particularly in the SEE region, is remarkable, and whose Member States are all countries in the region and in whose work participate the most developed countries of the world as operational partners or observers, such as USA, Italy, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Austria etc, as well as international organizations such as Interpol, Europol and World Customs Organization. The awards are another acknowledgment of the contribution of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior to combating organized crime and, by that, to security and stability of the region”.